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Shock DOTA

WHO: Rob, Kt, Gabe and Zach
WHEN: Wednesday, March 25th,  8:00-11:00PM EST
WHERE: Sevencut's Twitch Channel

 Games - What is this madness?

Here at Sevencut, we like to shock ourselves. Literally. Courtesy of a tennis racket-style bug zapper called The Excutioner, we set rules for when we shock ourselves while we play our simulcasts. 


You shock yourself when: 

  • you die.
  • you're laning and you lose your tower. (pre 15 minute mark)

Everyone shocks themselves when: 

  • you lose your ancient.
  • your team wipes, (meaning you shock yourself twice).
  • your courier dies 
  • the opposing team grabs Aegis

We also make rules on the fly, so if you have a good rule idea, suggest it in chat!