Rob Dugan - Owner of Sevencut Productions/Co-Founder of
Sketchy Silent Samurai

Rob is the founder of Sevencut Productions.  Legends speak of how one day when he was but a youth, a spark of creative magic graced him with the idea of one day creating Sevencut Productions.  Secretly he toiled away nurturing and developing this idea until one day it broke forth in majestic wonder. Rob then decided he must share this greatness with the world so that one day some wandering reader would have to read this pointless narrative he concocted and placed on a website.  Also, he likes video games.

Twitter: @s0m3b0d3
Twitch: s0m3b0d3

Kt Sagona - Managing Editor/Co-Founder of
The Savvy Saucepot of Thoughts

Currently a privateer in the Mid-Atlantic region, this bearcat battles waves of villainous characters, gamification enthusiasts, and boatshoe-wearing phonies. Kt went rogue in 2003, training her skills to become a level 85 Shaman and a level 35 Vanguard shortly before obtaining her International Relations degree from American University. She formerly worked at Thomson Reuters Special Services and the State Department, focusing on transnational law enforcement issues. 

Twitter: @kathesagona
Twitch: KTAQu
See more of her work at Thomson Reuters and her website.

Gabe Wood - Contributor

Gabe Wood is an L.A.-based comedian and games blogger. His specialties include eSports, competitive multiplayer games, and complaining that nobody will play street fighter with him. When he isn't getting moderate laughs at open mics, Gabe spends his time playing through his giant steam backlog and hard supporting his friends at DOTA 2

Twitter: @GabeCWood
Twitch: Scaregoat

Bryant Francis - Contributor

Somewhere between man and machine, Bryant fights for a world that hasn't arrived yet and plunges into the deep core of video games to unearth their secrets and reveal secrets never seen before. An obsession with justice and other worlds drives him to battle all manner of demons in his path. He also never shuts up about Bastion and Assassin's Creed

Twitter: @RBryant2012
See more of his work at GamaSutra and his website.


Justin Mohn - Contributor

Justin's first real gaming system was the inscrutably difficult Sega Genesis, which forever left him with a minor obsession in story-based and real time strategy gaming than grinding through stupid puzzle levels.  After graduating from the University of Missouri in 2011, he set up shop in Kansas City. He also spends his spare time pulling out his hair watching Arsenal and the Missouri Tigers.



Zach Yost - Contributor
Armchair Commander

Having directed countless armies from the comforts of his armchair since he was a child, Zach leveled up in college by double-majoring in History and Political Science. He then began contracting out his considerable talents to would-be world rulers in several different countries, narrowly escaping execution on at least six different occasions. His other hobbies include filling out applications for the show Survivor and replaying BioWare games far more times than is healthy.

Twitch: GeneralHankerchief