Activision's Destiny Booth is a New Layer of Hell

This is what hell feels like. It's the hidden line inside Activision's Destiny booth. 

I'm in sitting inside a line for Destiny. The entire line has given up, even the classiest E3 veterans with soles of steel have given up on any standing. 

We're all sitting in darkness. The only lighting comes from my cell phone and the five minute replay of behind the scenes Destiny footage of the sparrow photo op. The lights haven't been turned on, nor does it look like they plan to be. 

The only outside contact consists of a blonde booth babe asking us if we've registered our RFID tags with the Destiny website. Yes mam, for the third time, we have. 

Fellow victims are now standing up because they're sick of sitting down in line.

Like an angler fish enticing its prey, the main corner you turn behind Activision's booth deceives you into a small line towards the sacred Destiny content. 

Little do you realize that a Temple of Doom style maze awaits you inside the booth, snaring you for an eternity's worth of time until you reach your treasure: Destiny's multiplayer. 

But by the time you notice, you've already been snared by both their labyrinth line camouflage and your own tiny thought of  "I've been waiting for fifteen minutes, I might as well stay longer." 

It's been around an hour. 

Please, someone. Send nachos.