DuoScreen by Nomadz

Here at Sevencut Productions we don’t normally talk about ongoing Kickstarters. The inherent risk with a Kickstarter is not something that we generally feel comfortable supporting.  Despite this, we wanted to put out a preliminary review for Nomadz’s DuoScreen.  

First Impressions from RTX

better design

We initially met Ben Matzke, co-founder of Nomadz at RTX, simultaneously exchanging tired and empty gazes of those who spend all day at conference events. Matzke showed us the ugliest, hobbled together concoction we have ever seen.  It was one of the renditions of the DuoScreen, and it was a plain white piece of plastic that lacked character.  Now it may seem like we are focusing on how odd it looked, but we are only doing this because if you see something that’s ugly you generally don’t spend a lot of time, looking at it or oogling over what it does, but Ben said three words and we were hooked -- portable second monitor.

He pulled out the husk of a monitor from inside of the ugly base concoction and the screen blinked on revealing an extended desktop.  As anyone who works in the arts, engineering design, or just likes watching Netflix while working will tell you, an extended desktop on a second monitor is a life saver.  As quickly as we could, we started playing with it.  We wanted to see how well the monitor could stand up to our standards -- we searched for lag, color discrepancies, and just anything you hear people complain about on Reddit.  We tried everything we had at our disposal to make the screen falter.  While admittedly at RTX our resources were limited, we weren’t able to make any distinguishable irritating features.


The Kickstarter

The DuoScreen is a portable additional monitor for your laptop, or tablet if that’s what you’re into.  Nomadz so far successfully creates a practical way to have an additional monitor available to the PC power users in all of us.  Utilizing similar technology to the AOC q2r143 the second monitor is powered and maintained by a USB 3.0 connection to any USB 3.0 capable device.  Nomadz appears to have further refined their original design, with the monitor tucking away nicely into a base that can be used as a laptop cooling pad, or just a way to prop up your device.


The Future for DuoScreen

While we may not recommend playing a high-end FPS on it, the DuoScreen works great in a supporting role like having a chat box, guide, or any tool that you want to be using while playing a game. Our recent talks from Nomadz seem like they have an even more impressive monitor lined up, and Sevencut remains just as excited for their future.  There are only a couple more days to go, but you can find their Kickstarter here.