Sevencut's Gabe Wood shares his favorite cult classics, both old and new. 

Heroes of the Storm Beta Impressions

Haven't bought your way into Blizzard's new MOBA? Curious to know the in and outs of gameplay? Will this turn into your next gaming obsession? Gabe combs through the whole game to see if Heroes of the Storm might be right for you. 

As Attila Stomps in, I Bow out: Recognizing the Golden Age Fallacy

Do you fancy yourself a gaming hipster? Do you like games earlier in the series, and think newer games will never compare? You're probably falling for the Golden Age Fallacy.

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Why Dragon Age: Inquisition's Faith Issues Are Obscurely Refreshing

Few AAA games touch on the subject of religion and faith, so to produce one that not only addresses it but gives you near-complete freedom to deal with religion in whatever manner you choose is a welcomed step. This nuanced depiction of faith on both an individual level and an overarching motif is something we don’t often see, and is why BioWare should be praised for doing so.

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 Overwatch's Hero List so far...the Good, the Bad, and the Hanzo

Does Blizzard's new game Overwatch meet their lore master's goal of making their game more socially inclusive? Did it successfully fine tune these heroes to fit the progressive nature progressive critique craves? 

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Ultimate Battle: Gettysburg Reviewed 

Ultimate Battle: Gettysburg's A.I. mechanics and battle-altering options establish a more-than-worthy entry into the rich canon of Civil War strategy games, even while in early access. 

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Tom Abernathy on the Narrative Opportunities and Challenges in League of Legends

How tough is it to create a story in a competitive, diverse environment? Sevencut finds out with Narrative Lead for Riot Games, Tom Abernathy.

Tom talks about breaking canon, Riot's exploratory moves away from traditional narrative mediums and reinventing the story space in the constraints of competitive gaming. 

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Twoscore and Two Years Later: The Wait for a Different Civil War Game

In 2014, fears of talking about slavery and America’s checkered past in the context of a video game should not be an issue. If anything, it would deepen the story’s richness. So why does one of the most defining events of American history remain locked out of the greater gaming pantheon?

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Is Hearthstone's Chat Wheel Really Worth Praising?

"I chafe at limited communication. The idea of a social media service that only lets you choose pre-written responses aggravates me, and that's why I'm worried about what Hearthstone means for future gaming communications..."

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Democracy 3: My Most Humiliating Death in a Video Game

If you want to do well in Democracy 3 you have to be a good ruler. And I failed. Miserably and utterly. I’ve died thousands of times in video games over the years, but this death was probably the most humiliating. 
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The King of the Mews: An Interview with EmuKiller 

After disrupting the entire SKTAR 3 tournament with his edgegarding and woopwoops, this dark horse sits down with Sevencut to talk E3, the Super Smash Bros community, and getting better at competitive gaming. 
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It's Art, Man! An Interview With a Local Gaming Virtuoso

Gamer symphony orchestra member Steve O'Brien talks about the history of his local orchestras and their passionate power over professional events like Video Games Live. Read More →

MGS: Ground Zeroes Makes Me Feel Like I'm Bad at Video Games

There’s a difference between not being good at a video game and not being good at video games in general. Sometimes the latter isn't a bad thing. Read More →

What Video Games Should Learn From Television

Video games and television have a surprising amount of similarities. Read More →

Hey Game Developers, Stop Killing Our Families

Does every brooding protagonist need to suffer through a brutally tragic past? Read More →

Why the State Department Should be Jealous of Reddit

The Internet really wanted to help find the Boston bomber. Because they believed they could do it. And they could have, but maybe they just needed guidance.  Read More →


The Plight of Open World Storytelling in 2015

There’s an insidious pattern repeating itself in open world, sandbox games that makes stories feel ironically trapped inside of a box, even if they theoretically offer large possibilities. If sandbox storytelling is to avoid the fate of the classic MMORPG, it must grow in these challenges or else risk falling by the wayside.

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Tales from the Borderlands Shows Us How To Dance Differently On Pandora

Though the challenge of branching video games out from one mechanic to another is hardly a new one, Tales from the Borderlands early success is a strong lesson for developers lucky enough for the opportunity to expand their games’ world beyond their original mechanics. By seeking out key, strong characteristics of the original game, and concentrating on how they interact with a new set of mechanics, developers stand to learn both about their original creation and about the new ways it can be explored.

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A Portable Second Screen for All of Your Usage Needs 

Nomadz's DuoScreen is a portable additional monitor for your laptop or tablet, so far successfully creating a practical way to transport a dual-screen solution.  Utilizing similar technology to the AOC q2r143, the DuoScreen is powered and maintained by a USB 3.0 connection to any USB 3.0 capable device.  Nomadz appears to have further refined their original design, with the monitor tucking away nicely into a base that can be used as a laptop cooling pad, or just a way to prop up your device.

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Revolution 60: A Revolution Made for Dancing

In a world where a plethora of iOS games have forced combat games into a soulless system, charging $2.00 for at every opportunity, Revolution 60 pays tribute to choreographers and martial artists alike.

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The Layman's Guide to DOTA 2

Want to watch this weekend's major DOTA 2 competition with your friends, but don't really know what's going on? We've got everyone from non-gamers to League of Legends-only players covered in this all-inclusive guide to understanding the world's largest video game competition. 

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RTX 2014: The Power of a Community

Rooster Teeth's RTX 2014 teaches us a valuable lesson:  The internet isn't all about numbers.  Take a look at what makes Rooster Teeth so successful. Read More →


Beyond Oregon Trail: Your History Education and Gaming

Between all of the education-first and the entertainment-first offerings available, there should be more than enough games out there for students to sweep a history-themed category on Jeopardy! 

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Connor Kenway, Delsin Rowe and the Search for a Fully Realized Character

While Assassin's Creed III and InFAMOUS SecondSon illuminate diversity in AAA games, they still fall short of perfectly complex protagonists
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On the Morality of Stealth Games

Whether it’s in Deus Ex, Splinter Cell or Dishonored, stealth games ask players a question -- when sneaking through a room full of guards, would you rather mercilessly kill your enemies, or would you rather harmlessly knock them out?

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Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Crushes Records in 12 hours.

The 30 year-long educational show shatters records for donations. 

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PAX East Through the Eyes of an Amateur Photographer

The cosplay world can be a cynical place, but for now, I just want to let everyone know I consider myself lucky.

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Review: Xbox One Stereo Headset

A simple, solid headset for half the price of current Xbox One headsets.
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Pokemon Is Now High Fashion

Glamorous Pokémon-like monsters appear in Gerlan Jeans' new fall/winter lineup. Read More →