DuoScreen by Nomadz

The DuoScreen is a portable additional monitor for your laptop, or tablet if that’s what you’re into.  Nomadz so far successfully creates a practical way to have an additional monitor available to the PC power users in all of us.  Utilizing similar technology to the AOC q2r143 the second monitor is powered and maintained by a USB 3.0 connection to any USB 3.0 capable device.  Nomadz appears to have further refined their original design, with the monitor tucking away nicely into a base that can be used as a laptop cooling pad, or just a way to prop up your device.

Xbox One Stereo Headset Review a Solid, No-Frills Headset for the Casual Gamer

The Xbox One Stereo is a well-balanced headset that holds a lot of potential.  With its ability to be updated during its lifetime, it will hold onto its value as a basic, no-frills headset.